Bose Revolve+ review in 2019 after 2yrs is it still worth it?

One of the first companies that come to your mind in the premium audio sector is Bose. Bose launched its portable speaker Revolve+ two years ago.

DESIGN AND CONNECTIVITY: The Bose Revolve+ is a speaker which throws sound towards you at 360 degree and hence has speaker grills around the whole body for upto half the fraction in height. On the top we find a handle made out of fabric which is quite sturdy (only in Revolve+ and not teh smaller Revolve) to carry around. A few buttons are also there like power button, bluetooth pairing button, volume button, a multifunctional button to skip and pause tracks as well as a long press initiates Google assistant or Siri according to your phone and a input button to change between modes such as Bluetooth, AUX and Micro-usb. At the bottom we find two ports which are Micro-usb (to charge the unit) and 3.5mm jack to play music from phone using the AUX cable and at the base we find a universal mount which can be used to mount the unit on a camera tripod. We find an NFC symbol at the top which helps you to connect your mobile with just a tap and you do not need to open the bluetooth settings again and again. Bose claims that the speaker can be connected to a phone via Bluetooth for upto 30 feet but in my testing I found it to be around 37 feet without any inconvenience. It has an IPX4 rating which means that the Revolve+ will not suffer any damage if water is spilled on it and it is good near your swimming pools. The battery life is upto 11 hours in my testing as opposed to the claim of Bose (16 hrs.) at 50%. The Bose Revolve+ is bump resistant meaning that a fall will not ruin your unit. As for the Bose Connect app it is just fine as it does not offer customization like an equalizer but you can manage the Bluetooth connected devices, update the software and change the name of the unit. One of the best things of this speaker is the voice prompts which tells us the battery percentage as soon as we turn on the unit.

SOUND: And now coming to the main part of reviewing a speaker that is Sound. The Revolve+ consists of dual-passive radiators which deliver high quality low note sound, a transducer which acts as a deflector and an omnidirectional acoustic deflector. The 360 degree sound is one of the highlights of the speaker, so whether you are in front of the speaker or in the corner of a room the sound is similar. The bass is punchy and you will find it to be more than sufficient whereas for the lows, vocal and instrumental they are also pretty good. You can use two Bose Revolve speakers and play it in party or stereo mode where the former plays the sound in both simultaneously and the latter plays in stereo way (L-R).

VERDICT: Coming to the question is it still worth it in 2019? Yes it absolutely is and if you are still looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker you should definitely go for it and if you feel like you should go with the small sized revolve, I would suggest not to as the sound quality may degrade a little bit. It retails at a price of $299 or 24,500 inr but you can find good deals at Walmart, Target and Amazon during sales.