The new Note10 and Note10+ were Launched yesterday.

Samsung the South Korean giant launched its flagship series or the pro series that is Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in their unpacked event yesterday.

DESIGN: The new Note10 and Note10+ boast a new design with the infinity-O display and and both of them have freakishly small bezels and and are pretty thin. The Note10 has a 6.3 inch 1080p Amoled display whereas the Note10+ has a 6.8 inch 1440p Amoled display. The Note10 is available in three colours which are the all new Aura Glow, Aura Black and Aura Red whereas the Note10+ is available in Aura Glow, Aura Black and Aura Blue. Samsung finally ditched the headphone jack in its flagship phones and now the power button acts as the bixby caller as well. The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is place under the screen jus like the Galaxy S10’s

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ in Aura Glow colour

PERFORMANCE: Both of them support Qi wireless charging, power sharing and 25W fast charging but only the Note10+ supports 45W fast charging (brick sold separately). The Note10 has 3500mAh battery and the Note10+ has a bigger 4300mAh battery. Both of them sport Qualcomm’s latest and fastest snapdragon 855 7nm processor. The Note10 comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM with no expandable storage whereas Note10+ comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB or 512GB ROM and micro sd card expansion. The Note10+ will also be available in 5G in selected countries later this year.

CAMERA: Both the Notes have a 10mp front facing camera and three rear facing cameras with the following specifications: Ultra Wide 16mp, 12mp Wide-Angle and 12mp Telephoto camera. Additionally the Note10+ sports an extra sensor to provide clearer and more stable pictures. There is a new feature where if we zoom in a video the microphone array is focused in that zone making the voices clear from that zoomed in zone. 3d scan of objects is there in which you click a 360 degree photo of an object and the mobile turns it into a shareable animated GIF. Overall the camera is better and the video quality is much more stable.

Notice the missing Headphone jack 😦

S PEN: We cannot leave the S Pen aside while talking about the Note, so this year as well the S Pen has been upgraded and now it is more sturdy due to a new unibody design. The S Pen now supports more gestures like you can change the mode in camera, turn the volume and flickr through the gallery. And now whatever you write is identified as text so whenever you search a keyword, your handwritten note will also be displayed. An all new cool feature to look is the AR drawing where you can draw some floating stuff in the camera app.

PRICE: The Notes are up for pre-order in the USA and India with a release date of 23 August. The Note10 is being retailed at a price of $949 or 69990 inr and Note10+ for $1099 or 79990 inr.

In conclusion both the version of Notes are good but people should choose the Galaxy Note10+ if they are willing to shell a few more bucks because of a bigger and better display according to our opinion rest is all on the customer.