For the past 1-3 years Apple is not able to create a lot of profit in India and other developing countries and especially the last year with iPhoneXs was not good.

The main factor resulting to this is ridiculously prices of iphone due to hefty taxes and now people can practically get an equally good phone for less than half the money of an iPhone, case in point being that the iPhoneXs costed about 99000 inr($1420 instead of $900) and Oneplus 7 pro costs about 48000 inr($686).

Tim cook started to see this as a real trouble as India is starting to be a huge market and they used to have a huge share in India before the launch of Oneplus, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. Another reason to the shift of manufacturing market is cheap labour available in India and the current trade war of USA with China, the only manufacturer of all Apple things.

Apple has asked the Taiwanese company Foxconn to manufacture iPhones in India and later this fall they are going to manufacture iPhoneXs.

So the big question is if the shift going to help apple in expanding their kingdom in India? Well according to some analysts it will help them big and if Apple starts decreasing the amount for their iPhones soon India could be their biggest market.