The new Huawei?

Earlier this week Huawei was banned from using Google services such as Google play and even Android the sole operating system for huawei phones. Just to be clear huawei includes Honor as well and they were a part of this unfortunate ban.

Huawei was banned from using these services because of its ties with the Chinese government and the United States government suspected the company to be spying for the Chinese government. So yes after all this was a political move and no one for sure actually knows that huawei has been spying for the chinese government.

Well huawei actually knew that someday this could happen and hence had already prepared an OS for its phones but it will surely take sometime for the user base to grow and convince the developer for developing apps for their store. Relief for old huawei and honor users will be there as they will be able to use Android and its services but will not receive future updates.

As Huawei is out of the game for time being its great time for Samsung,Oneplus and Apple its main competitors to shine. According to the sources the new OS by huawei is going to be named ARK OS (maybe codename) and will be released in June. Lets hope this new OS is a strong competitor of IOS and Android and not just something like Microsoft. Fingers crossed

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